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The #YesWellDone team specializes in creating creative, attention-grabbing music videos dominated by story and message. Our directors and creatives realize the value of each video for a band or artist, so we take on a new project only when we see the artist’s interest in making a truly interesting video with a story.

It is very important to us that your video is watched by as many viewers as possible, and if it gets some more awards, we will be completely satisfied and will be able to say that our main goal was achieved. And you can be sure that we have a lot of music videos that have won certain awards and have been named the best music videos in some countries. And we are proud of it!

What does it take to make your own music video?

In order for you to have your own music video, which will be made with the help of our team, you must first of all decide on the song. Yes, as strange as it may sound, but the discussion of a music video begins with listening and discussing the ideas that come while listening to the music track. Music is the main thing that should be in a music video.

Once you have decided on the music track, you fill out a small brief in which you share all the information we need. We need to know what mood you want to convey in the future music video, if you have any examples and in general anything you would like to share with us before we take on the project.

It is very important for our team to understand what you expect to get and where you want to distribute this video. Yes, nowadays there is almost no question where a band or performer wants to show the video, but in addition to putting music videos online, you may have the task of creating a video for the stage that you will show during a live performance.

Once we receive your completed brief from you, our team’s creative department will sketch out a few ideas, and only after those ideas have been polished by us will we suggest the best ones for your consideration.

What is the process of developing an idea and writing a script?

Yes, if you thought that a music video doesn’t need a script, you are very wrong. For a music video, it is absolutely certain that you need a script and a detailed idea. More often than not, we use the following flyhack, which you can also take note of. Some of our directors like to invent or adapt stories they write for short projects: movies or small video sketches. And since we have quite a large number of stories in stock at all times, we can pick something interesting for you.

We always recommend using at least five or six different locations and images in one music video. At first glance, it may seem like a lot and costly, but as practice and the behavior of modern viewers shows, you need to keep viewers interested, because even though most music videos are 3-4 minutes long, you still need to keep viewers interested, and this interest falls off pretty quickly.

And that’s why your music video needs to have a story, constant development, lots of imagery and great locations, which we have no problem with here in BC.

Once we’ve confirmed all the ideas with you, we’ll begin the preparatory process of creating a music video for you. Sometimes, some stories don’t require a lot of preparation, and you just need to book a location, a crew, and think of images to get started. But since we are talking about music videos with stories, and about music videos that will be interesting to watch for your listeners, and now also for viewers, such videos, as a rule, need to be prepared more and more seriously.

For example, the standard scheme of development and shooting of music videos in the world consists of several locations: part of the locations where the main story will be developed, and part of the locations where the musical parts will be shot, where the main artist or group will be seen, and where they will perform the music track, again, if it is included in the main concept of the music video.

That is, after the approval of the main story, the following preparation stages usually take place:

  • Storyboard development
  • Search, approval, booking of locations
  • Development of images (selection of costumes and images for the performer, group or actors participating in the shooting of the music video)
  • Search and hire of necessary personnel
  • Rent of necessary shooting equipment
  • Issues of booking and transportation of the team

When the entire preparation process is completed, the production team sets the date and location of the shooting and the actual shooting process begins. The duration of such a process usually depends on the complexity of the story and the availability of the artist, team and locations. But on average, if a large amount of graphics is not required in the music video, then the development, shooting and post-production of the music video can last in total about 2-4 weeks.

How the music video production process works

The filming process of a music video is mistakenly considered the simplest of all filming processes. As a rule, there are no dialogs and complicated staged scenes in music videos, so even beginners who rented cameras can shoot music videos. But if we are talking about really high-quality music videos with a story, beautiful prepared locations and professionals, then such shooting can rightfully compare with the shooting of large advertising videos or even filming processes of big-budget movie projects.

Since the main work is done at the preparatory stage. As a rule, the crew starts shooting a music video already, as they say, fully armed, and professional teams such as #YesWellDone is always ready for any kind of surprises, which so often occur on the set.

Sometimes a music video is shot in one shooting shift, sometimes in several. Most often on the shooting process of one average music video takes from 12 to 20 hours of work of the team, but this can not be called a rule, because the duration of the shooting process affect a lot of factors: weather, human factor or any other moments that may arise in the middle of the shooting process.

The same can be said about the size of the necessary team. Since almost every project is unique, 50 or 350 people can work on your music video, it all depends on the scale and the idea you agree with the director and production team. Our team #YesWellDone works with absolutely different scales of projects and always guarantees quality execution of the task.

So, the team is ready, the camera is recording, the performer is playing his favorite song, everyone is dancing and singing. How we love to make music videos, it’s always very fun and exciting! As described earlier in this article, it is usually necessary to use multiple locations and multiple images for the artist to keep the viewer engaged and interested at all times. In order to change images and locations quickly, there is always enough crew on set.

What is post-production and how long can it last?

And as always, there is no clear answer here. If your video requires the development of complex computer effects, it can significantly increase the post-production time, but on average, if we are talking about a typical music video, post-production of this kind takes from one to two weeks, and depends, again, on the number of tasks set to create visual effects, as well as the number of frames that need to be cleaned up, for example, if an artist wants to improve the appearance of their skin in post-production.

In any case, post-production requires some time, because the video still needs to be edited, color correction carried out, and interesting visuals added to the video through post-processing.

How much does it cost to produce a music video?

This is probably the most common question among those who are thinking about shooting their own music video. And as we have mentioned before, there is no clear answer. It all depends on many factors, but after filling out the client brief and discussing the main idea, the production company will give you at least two or three budget options for a specific idea. We can confidently say that the budget for producing music videos in Canada and the USA varies from 50 to 250 thousand dollars and can vary within a huge range. After all, you can shoot a video in one location and in one image, if it is, for example, a live performance recording, or you can build spaceship decorations and invite Hollywood stuntmen. It all depends on the idea.

Therefore, if you have ideas to shoot a music video for yourself, or you are a producer who wants to create a music video for their performer, our team can take care of all the worries about developing the idea, preparation, shooting, and post-production of the music video.


In reality, the development and production of music videos is no different from the production of commercials or filming movies. The main process proceeds exactly as in all other projects related to video production. But as we have already discussed in this article, the time and budget of music videos can also vary within a very wide range.

Our award-winning directors and cinematographers will bring your next track to life! You work hard to create music, now let us take care of the video. We can work directly with you to develop multiple concepts, suited for any genre and any budget. Good music videos aren’t easy, so that’s why we specialize in impactful and fresh ideas that will help you get noticed on the world stage.

The #YesWellDone team specializes in producing music and advertising videos, and some examples of our work you could see in the screenshots while reading this article. You can familiarize yourself with a large number of our works on the main page of the site or write to us by mail. After that, we will contact you, send you a brief for filling out, and start discussing our new project with you!


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